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Business Owner, Psycho-spiritual life coach, radio/TV show host, international speaker, author, actor, humanitarian, and counselor.

 Charlie is a dynamic speaker, life coach, teacher, counselor, actor, author, and humanitarian.  He is the host of the popular radio/TV show ‘The Council', which broadcasts from Denver, CO on www.KUHSdenver.com to listeners all around the world!  He received his Individualized Masters of Arts Degree from Goddard College in 2017, an intensive study combining psychology and theater, and developed an innovative, in-depth, multi-disciplinary approach to healing the invisible wounds of PTSD, trauma, and abuse.  An expert in healing PTSD, trauma, depression, and other stress-related issues that emerge from conflict and violence, he works with individuals and groups to provide them with the tools them need to heal, renew, and transform.  An Air Force veteran and graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, he currently presides as Secretary for the Board of Directors of Soldier's Heart (www.soldiersheart.net ), a non-profit organization to help veterans make the return journey home.

Charlie created and developed over the course of 5 years a comprehensive, integrated, holistic approach to healing the invisible wounds of PTSD, violence, abuse, and trauma. In addition to individualized, one-on-one coaching to transforming the invisible wounds of trauma to wisdom, freedom, peace, and wholeness, I draw together the transformative models of ritual and theater into a healing modality which allows the individual and/or group to translate their story into a performance piece, lifting their suffering onto the stage, with the ultimate goal of achieving catharsis. Lastly, I teach others how to write the myths of their unique lives, for when we can lift our stories into the mythic realm, we can transcend our suffering, transform our lives, and expand our consciousness.  I've written one soon-to-be published book with meditations focused on specific spiritual masters of different religious traditions based on the book by Karen Armstrong titled, ‘The Great Transformation'.   My graduate thesis was on ‘Healing the War within the Soul', an all-encompassing, integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the "dark night of the soul" and how to travel through and out.  I've taught many workshops throughout LA on trauma release and healing.    

I'm also a teacher, facilitator, and parent coordinator for parents going through divorce to establish healthy parenting plans for their children.  "In the Best Interests of Children" is a court approved class to guide parents into understanding how conflict affects children.  The class focuses on: the impact of family conflict on children; building effective parenting plans; developmental needs of children; creating new family relationships; developing "positive co-parenting"; and seeking a child's best interests.  I also created and have taught "Ok, Now What? - A Divorced Fathers Workshop" for fathers needing guidance, tools, and direction in moving forward with their lives as single fathers.

Business: PTSD Solutions, Westminster, CO

Website:  www.charliepacello.com


Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM







Yuka Kakinuma, RN, BSN, CRT

- Find your true self and be in true health- 

Yuka is the founder of Quantum Wellness and CFO of Hasna Holistic. ​As a​ master of Quantum Medicine, she specializes in clearing past and childhood traumas from cellular memories and the subconscious mind. Her approach to healing the self and body is based on science, nutrition, physiology and spirituality. Her goal is to support others in fulfilling their higher calling and achieve optimal health and happiness. 

 Originally from Japan, Yuka received her nursing degree, and after years of clinical practice in Neurosurgery at Toranomon Hospital, she mov​ed​ to San Francisco to further investigate what lies at the root of health and disease. Since then, Yuka has gained 15 years of experience in various forms of alternative medicine, including Quantum Medicine, CRT (Cellular Resonance Technique), Acupressure, Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Focus Method, Facilitation of Attitudinal Healing, and Anthroposophical Medicine in Nursing. Additionally, she has nearly 2 decades of experience as a Registered Nurse in Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Pediatrics in both Japan and USA. 

Yuka is an international leader and devoted to rise people's health consciousness. Her transformational cellular healing work has been helping people to find their true core and release everything that does not support their most healthy, whole ​self. 





 1-Find true self and be ​in true ​health: Unify with higher self

2 -Release trapped emotions from cellular memories and reprogram your subconscious mind and DNA









Health and Wellness Coach​

Signing her book at the exhibit table 

Born and raised on a farm in Eastern Europe, Veronica was blessed with having home grown veggies and fruit. She grew up enjoying homemade meals on daily basis. Veronica was fortunate enough to pick up on her mom's amazing cooking skills.  Growing up, her family never had a meal without veggies.

​Upon her move to the US in 2006, Veronica was shocked by how different the food culture was. One of the hardest things, besides learning English, was simply adjusting to the eating culture.

Reminiscing on her start in the US, Veronica recalls "It was breaking my heart to see the amount of unhealthy food the kids would eat. I couldn't understand why the parents were promoting that kind of diet when the kids were already obese. For me eating well was never about being slim and looking good, it has always been about being healthy and feeling energized. I've never been on a diet because I love food too much. I just adapted a healthy life style that I want to share with the world."

​She got her start by helping friends and strangers to make better choices. That came natural to her since she was passionate on becoming the best and happiest version of herself. "Trust me... I went through plenty of trauma. I lead by example and want to share the tools I've learned and touch as many lives as I can."

Veronica is committed to helping people realize their own potential and achieve vibrant health! Veronica takes an integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition, emotional balance, natural ways to relieve stress, and customized programs to support optimal health and well-being. To be the best version of yourself you need a balance between these four "pillars": Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Veronica helps build up each pillar individually to help you achieve your happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest potential.



One green smoothie a day will change your life.


Change your outlook on life to become happy






Dr. Margaret Van Coops

Margaret Rogers Van Coops, PhD.

Speaker at the closing Panel, Hosted by: Saeed David Farman

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops was awarded a professorship this year by California University F.C.E. for teaching in twenty countries for over 50 years.
Her experience with the paranormal started at birth, by healing nurses who had just dealt with the deaths of many from a bomb explosion that occurred across the road from the hospital where she was born. By nine years old, she had given healing to most of the men from her father's Suffolk Regiment. She was honored as the only female member of the Regiment for her healing work. It was then that she knew she had to become a nurse or doctor and went on to do just that. She rescued hundred of dead people from war torn Europe, being able to talk to them and then help them to ascend into The Oneness. But her life's journey was a lonely one, since no one in those days understood the paranormal or the metaphysical studies that we have today.
Dr. Margaret, as she likes to be called, began teaching all aspects of human anatomy, physiology, metaphysical therapies, counseling, Radionics, psychology and psychiatry, hypnotherapy and more, dealing with healing the whole person. Her nursing career in England led her to investigate the paranormal and by the age of twenty-three was a Medium giving proof of survival and trance talks from The Oneness in Spiritualist Churches. During those days, Dr. Margaret seemed to be the only one working with The Oneness and understanding it and its enormous potential in learning. Throughout the following years, she channeled and studied with Spiritual Guides, Archangel Haniel, Siddhartha Buddha, Cornelius Tacitus, Sister Theresa, Master Chang, several aliens and so many others.
By the time she was forty, she had written books for publication. Her first published book then called The Way to Oneness, was published in German and was the first metaphysical book to go into East Berlin when the wall came down, selling 12,000 copies. It now is called: Journey into an Unknown World: The Way to Oneness Revisited. She has since published eleven other books in English, Japanese & Russian: 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations, The Rejection Syndrome, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro-Spirit, Expanding Images with The OmniCard, Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy, The Book of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy Diagrams, TrinityStone Healing Therapy, Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View, My Journey into The Oneness, Discover Your Baby's Spirit and novel Henry's Secrets, Grandpa's Stories and several screenplays.
She has created and taught many workshops and courses and presented lectures internationally, including Japan, Spain, France, Germany, India, Peru, Egypt, England and the USA. Her spiritual education is extremely advanced and she can read anyone from The Oneness, The Akashic Records, and Spirit Guides. Her proprietary healing therapies are: Crystal Acupuncturesm, Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm, Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm, Teragramsm Therapy, Core Teragramsm Therapy, TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy and STTsm Sensory Touch Therapysm. All of these modalities have been known to result in amazing healing recoveries. Her training seminars and courses are taught over several days, weeks and years with five levels of study to become a Metaphysiotherapist.
• At this 5D event, she will be talking about her life experiences with The Oneness and how she evolved, sharing some insightful aspects from her latest book: My Journey into The Oneness

Her Credits:
Ph.D. Philosophy: Hypnotist, Psychology, Ordained Minister, Hypnotherapy counselor & her thesis within her books.
Ph.D. Doctor of Integrated & Alternative Medicine and her thesis of all her books on her research of her therapies, in illness, diseases, mental and emotional issues based on her history as counselor and minister.
Professorship: For 50 years of teaching the above.
Radio shows: www.webtalkradio/shows/journey-into-an-unknown-world/
Videos: www.youtube.com/user/drmargaret
Inquire about Crystal workshops/sessions following this event in California.



Lecture: My ET contacts

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops has multi-experiences with the grays throughout most of her life. She knows why they have been genetically engineering Mankind for 1000's of years as well as how they populate other planets. She is also aware of the Arcturian species who are over 8 - 10-foot-tall and who keep a check on us from time to time. For most of her life, Prof. Margaret has kept her secrets hidden about her visits to the space ships and the work she did there in being a big part of their research, including rearing her own daughter, a hybrid child, now an adult on another planet. Learn how the "Gray" species function and why? How their ships fly and the various types of ways and means they move people around this planet in no time at all. She will reveal her big secret about energy at this event.



Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id383183988





Prof Margaret cured herself of P.D. after she had slipped into chronic depression and died despite her fame throughout Europe as a Medium & Healer. Her clinical death brought her back into this World with greater wisdom that not only allowed her to read anyone anywhere in the world, but to know the causes and effects of Coding within each person's Spirit, along with negativity stored in their DNA & RNA. In this workshop she will explain the coding and give messages from The Oneness from Loved Ones and Spirit Guides to help you heal and live your life to the fullest. Each person will be given the tools they need to transform, heal and follow their pathway.








Paula Burt

Paula R. Burt
Conscious Business Consulting & International Alchemy Retreats

Speaker at the closing Panel, Hosted by: Saeed David Farman 

Paula is an international transformational agent and luminary leader that empowers individuals to expand their lives and businesses. She is a bridge for the business and metaphysical world.  Having a 16-year financial planning background as well as being a reiki master, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Yoga instructor, and a Galactic Shaman obtaining the rights from the Q'uro Tribe and beyond she gleans from it all and commands the energy of spaces to vibrate at a higher rate and teachers others to do the same. 

She is known to see into a soul's core and just loves. Having a field of energy that allows beings to feel fully seen and accepted, to come out a play in wholeness, then teaches them to create from that aligned and transparent space.  The magical space.  


***Workshop 1: Aligning the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine internal energies to create a massive catalyst in your life. 


***Workshop 2: Releasing the wounding to create from your aligned powerhouse self



Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM



***Closing Panel, Achieving Results:

This panel is about sharing all conscious achievements by speakers for 3 days of 5D events and reaching a common positive transformational result to push Humanity forward to a new Timeline.

Hosted by: Saeed David Farman, Sunday April 21ST, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Maureen St. Germain, Gerald Rogers, Brad Olsen, Alan Bedian, Samuel Kiwasz, Andrei Knight, Ruth Mellor & Paula Burt.








Amanda Smith has always been called to help and serve others.

Having overcome immense personal challenges in her 37 years of life, she has continued to grow in her spirituality and has deepened the connection she has to the celestial realm.

After serving in the United States Navy, she embarked on a mission to help a million people through improved health and wealth of mind. She has done this in a variety of capacities, but in each has used the tools and lessons she has learned through her own trials and tribulations to bring people out of the darkness and back into the light of a happy and fulfilling life. 

In 2010 and 2011, Amanda experienced the back-to-back loses of her father-in-law and her father, the first in a tragic car accident and the second when her father ended his own life. Having two small children at the time allowed Amanda to see that light can still shine strong, even in the darkest of times. 

In 2012, Amanda was able to prove to herself and to the world that the mind is a powerful force when she was able to overcome cancer and regain her life within 4 months of her diagnosis.

In 2014, Amanda fully embraced her mission to help a million people by diving into metaphysics and earning a master's degree from UMS to better enable her to help others, she now working on her doctorate.

She is now providing personal development coaching to help people create and manifest for themselves the kind of life, family, health and wealth status they are seeking. Her focus is on providing a safe environment where people can feel supported, encouraged and motivated as they gain the knowledge and understanding needed for their own unique journeys.

Amanda is married to Nick Smith and they are raising their family in Vernal, Utah.



Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM





Alanna Star Shimel

Alanna Starr Shimel

Alanna is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Soul Healer, Matrix Deprogrammer, Researcher, Writer, and Sophianic Medicine Woman who is dedicated to empowering others on their healing journey through sharing insightful Wisdom and singing heart activating music.

Alanna's ability to network and build long-term personal and professional relationships has opened doors in numerous types of atmospheres and organizations that involve raising awareness for global consciousness, peace, and harmony. Alanna graduated with Honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute-College Of Hypnotherapy and from there holds certificates in Past-Life Regression, Hand Writing Analysis, and Emotional Freedom Technique, and has taken much interest and studies world religions, metaphysics, and energy healing modalities of how to mend the gap between the illness and mind & body connection. Alanna is a certified Red Tent Facilitator and teaches "Dancenosis" dance therapy in Northridge, CA.

Alanna offers a unique and open minded perspective of the Divine Feminine and spiritual teachings and has been on a journey of researching hidden truths of Sophia Wisdom, Kabbalah Tree of Life, The Hermetic Universal Laws of the Universe, Numerology, Astro Theology, and the power of words and what creates worlds. Using social media, she has been teaching synchronicity by sharing numbers, knowledge, and bringing what is hidden into the light because no one should be left behind for lack of knowledge.

Alanna has been featured on shows and been interviewed for her insight and spiritual education.


WORKSHOP: Mastering the Laws of The Universe & Reprogramming the Mind

"Mastering the Hermetic Wisdom & Laws of the Universe and implementing them into your everyday life. Cultivating and integrating these laws with subconscious reprogramming so we can understand how the physicals plane works and how our actions, reactions, and thoughts create the collective conscious and world we live in. By acknowledging the Natural Universal Laws, we can reveal our true identities as cosmic beings and become more interactive with the healing that is needed on a grand scale. Through understanding and taking responsibility we cleanse and purify multiple ideologies relating to consciousness and together we learn to "integrate" all aspects of the sacred, spirituality, and collective conscious."


Sound Healing medics music songs: "Earth Prayer" & "Illuminated."

Simply Haneef Radio Show


Message from The Multiverse



Alanna's website: www.alannastarr.com







Apolla is an artist working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California as a SAG affiliated actress, a model, and the guitarist for the multi-award winning 432 hrtz frequency band; The Siren.  She is also the artist/creator of Shaman Spears, uniquely hand-crafted energy channeling devices she invented herself. Besides being an artist of many forms, she is also a speaker/MC for UFO conventions after being a lifetime researcher of UFOlogy, exopolitics, forbidden archaeology, esoteric knowledge, and metaphysics. She has recently been brought on as a reporter for ExoNews, a news organization started by Michael Salla in the field of Exopolitics.  Apolla has been considered by herself and many others to be a pioneer in the human consciousness shift movement. After a lifetime of training by her uncle in Healing Touch and Quantum Touch, she has recently become a certified Quantum Touch Energy Healer and plans to begin her Reiki training soon. She has been very involved with charity projects and volunteer work since her childhood and is currently working with Hunger Aid and Disclosurefest in projects to give back to the community. Besides her studies in the paranormal, she is also somewhat of a political activist and is part of the Free and Equal Elections Committee. In recent years Apolla has gone on research trips to Peru and Egypt and plans to visit all the sacred sites around the world. She will be reporting for ExoNews and selling her Shaman Spears at several UFO conventions this year and plans to eventually become a regular speaker for these events.

WORKSHOP: Solutions for Humanity -The Future is Brighter than we Think

An open discussion on a collective vision for the future of humanity. This presentation will include; a reworking of the education system, new ways of evolving our communities to become more efficient and better for the environment, the topic of disclosure/suppressed technologies, restoration of the pyramids, and the indictments of members of the globalist cabal.







Aurora Buchanon


Consulting & healing at her exhibit table



Aurora was born in Philippines and migrated to USA 1980 she had total of 3 NDE in her life time. Her life changed after a faith healer called Emilia praying for her health and giving her cross which turned from white to red after few days of praying in her hand.

She since has become a Master healer with amazing qualities such as giving partial sight to a blind man in Mindanao Philippines and many other ones with Cancer Tumors, Heart problems, Diabetes, Asthma, Migraine Headaches & allergies.

According to her she claims the Holly Spirit moves through her hands which then she can read like a scanner. Aurora has healed many folks in past 5D events in Los Angeles form back pain and other ailments.



Workshop: Hands on Healing "Get Heal Now"










Alan Bedian

Alan Bedian


Alan is a borne computer geek, on the forefront of most techs since the beginning.  Even though his specialization is in Multimedia development/programming, he's always been an explorer of consciousness technologies and the Mind-Body-Spirit relationship. Integrating his knowledge of intuitive energy, DNA perfection, accessing creative flow, 5D timelines, non-physical and the general nature of the universe, he has connected the dots of various beliefs and tools to help forward our evolution toward euphoria.


Workshop: Technology of Mind-Body-Spirit

We explore various tools, technologies, teachings and techniques that can help us enhance our connection to ourselves and the infinite.  There are many existing and upcoming products (natural or otherwise) to strengthen the power of our minds, perfect the structure of our bodies and to fortify the magic within our spirits, so we might as well use every advantage out there to become the best versions of ourselves for the sake of the planet. There's a lot to learn about, so we'll be doing a rapid-fire crash-course to get through the most important information that could change our lives and the future.



***Closing Panel, Achieving Results:

This panel is about sharing all conscious achievements by speakers for 3 days of 5D events and reaching a common positive transformational result to push Humanity forward to a new Timeline.

Hosted by: Saeed David Farman, Sunday April 21ST, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Maureen St. Germain, Gerald Rogers, Brad Olsen, Alan Bedian, Samuel Kiwasz, Andrei Knight, Ruth Mellor & Paula Burt.










Mellissa Tong is an Award-winning Storyteller | Content Producer & Director | Video & Marketing Coach | Public Speaker | Founder/CCO

Ms. Tong is the Founder/CCO of an award-winning multicultural video marketing and content production company, DuckPunk Productions, Inc. DuckPunk works with Fortune 500 companies on TV commercial campaigns, digital content, branded entertainment, as well as independent feature films and documentaries.   

Besides producing and directing, Ms. Tong is also an on-camera coach and speaker. She was a paid speaker at SoCalGas, various Chambers of Commerce, and many other trade organizations. Her most sought-after seminars, "How to be a Rock Star On-Camera" and "Finding, Speaking, and Marketing Your Big WhyTM", have garnered rave reviews from participants.    

Prior to founding DuckPunk, Ms. Tong was a News Anchor/Reporter/Producer at the International Channel in Los Angeles, one of the very first satellite TV stations in the US. Her work in front of the camera armed her with the knowledge and know-how to be authentic, powerful and engaging. Her work behind the camera gave her a unique perspective on the technical side of what to do, and what not to do, on camera.    

DuckPunk has won many awards for their work, such as the Clios, Addy, Telly, and others from various film festivals across the country. DuckPunk's clients are Nissan, Verizon, Wells Fargo, and CBS, just to name a few. DuckPunk's most notable campaign to date is a series of anti-smoking spots for the California Department of Health. The campaign consisted of 4 spots, produced in six different languages, and won a Clio and Addy Award. The campaign also boosted their 1-800 hotline calls by 70%.   Aside from work-for-hire, Ms. Tong also produces and directs feature films and documentaries. She just returned from Africa on a pro-bono project for Wells Bring Hope, a non-profit that builds wells in Niger, West Africa, so that women and girls don't have to walk 6 miles to bring clean water back to their villages. Her last feature film, TOUCH, enjoyed a limited release at AMC theaters and is now available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Hulu. 

    Ms. Tong is an MFA graduate from the California Institute of the Arts. She was born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to the US in 1991. Ms. Tong is passionate about women and social justice issues. She currently sits on the board for Vision of Health, a non-profit mobile mammogram program for underprivileged women.  

Ms. Tong firmly believes in this mantra, a quote by Pablo Picasso: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."


Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM









Inherited Energy Expert & Intuitive Life Coach

Transformational Energy Healer, Lisa Thomas, has the privilege of working with talented people from all walks of life. She empowers individuals to reach their full potential by removing the negative "informational tags" within the epigenetics of your DNA. These are inherited blocks like the fear of success, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, negative relationship patterns and more. She believes everyone deserves to be seen, known and heard for who they are.  Lisa's expertise in removing inherited patterns empowers people to get their gifts, talents and bright ideas out into the world, more confidently and in alignment with their Soul's purpose.


Workshop: Epigenetics, learn how our ancestors' lives influences us now, how our emotional DNA expresses itself.

We all inherited our own set of DNAs, which is our basic genetic code. But besides our basic genetics, we also have our "epigenetics", which is the way that our DNA expresses itself based on the lifetime experiences of our ancestors. Their experiences contribute and shapes the way our DNA expresses itself. We inherited many wonderful things from our ancestors, our gifts and talents, but unfortunately, we also inherited trauma, phobias, success and money blocks, even limiting beliefs. These hold us back from living life to our fullest potential.

These are the inherited patterns in the bloodline. They get replicated and handed down through the cell's memory. Things like worrying, fear, procrastination are all "informational tags" within the "epigenetics".

1) we didn't do anything wrong

2) our parents didn't pass them down to us on purpose

3) we don't have to keep them.

4) passed down in the memory cells of the body from one generation to another.

5) releasing it from one person releases it from everyone that inherited it.


Web sites: https://lisathomasenergyhealing.com


Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM